Frequently Asked Questions

How many pieces should I chew a day?
We recommend chewing HappyGum 2 pieces to 6 pieces (with a maximum of 9 pieces) every day.
How long should I chew the gum to get all the benefits?
It is recommended to chew HappyGum for about 10 minutes to get the active ingredients to absorb in the mouth.
Is Happygum addictive?
No. The active ingredients in the chewing gum are not causing any dependence and you can use it as much or less as you want.
Is HappyGum a medicine or a supplement?
No. HappyGum is a functional food.
Where can I buy HappyGum?
You can buy it on our website and soon you could also find it on Amazon and in selected stores.
Happygum is trademark protected and was filed for patent with the WIPO . Select the trademark- or patent- database and search for "Happygum".
Happygum is ideal for everyone who wants to relax and increase mental focus.

Happygum must not be given to toddlers under 3 years of age.


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1010 Wien, Austria


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