Ordering HappyGum

HappyGum is the ideal way to top off your assortment with an unique and pioneering product to win your customer’s hearts. Order HappyGum for your pharmacy, drugstore, retail and wholesale.

Elegant, ready-to-go display

HappyGum comes simply ready to go and be sold in an eyecatching and elegant display for presentation in your checkout zones.
One display contains 12 blisters of HappyGum à 10 pieces.

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The fantastic taste and beneficial effects of HappyGum are winning over more customers daily. HappyGum’s amazing effects and their scientific background are easy enough to be presented to you online. However, you can understand the full experience only by tasting HappyGum for yourself.

So, we would love to convince you too!
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In order to maintain our high standards in taste and quality of HappyGum, we can take orders of a quantity above 10.000 displays.
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