Ordering HappyGum

HappyGum is the ideal way to feel relaxed and stimulated at the same time. It can be consumed during stressful situations or whenever you feel like it.
This simultaneous relaxation and stimulation will make you feel more happy.

One display of Happygum contains 12 packs with each 9 pieces of gum and will easily last for 2 month.

Not sure yet that you want to order 12 packs?
So just order 1 or 2 packs and see how Happygum tastes and works :)

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HappyGum is the ideal way to top off your assortment with an unique and pioneering product to win your customer’s hearts. Order HappyGum for your pharmacy, drugstore, convenience store, retail and wholesale. HappyGum comes simply ready to go and be sold in an eyecatching and elegant display for presentation in your checkout zones.
The fantastic taste and beneficial effects of HappyGum are winning over more customers daily. HappyGum’s amazing effects and their scientific background are easy enough to be presented to you online. However, you can understand the full experience only by tasting HappyGum for yourself.

Already convinced?

 We can take orders of any quantity. We can ship immediately in US and German layout. Every other layout (EU and any country where this is allowed) we can produce with a sticker. Don't worry, we will still offer an attractive wholesale price! If the sticker is not an option and you need the packs produced in a specific language we have a minimum order quantity of 25000 packs. 
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No mystery ingredients!

Happygum consists of B Vitamins, Zink & natural lavender oil. We don't use sugar or aspartam. The taste of lavender, lemon and strawberry will create a new taste sensation in your mouth. Happygum has applied for the "superior food taste award" and we will be notified in January if we actually received this award.

Why in a chewing gum?


Chewing in itself already can take out tension from your mind. On top the ingredients of Happygum start to be absorbed immediately through the mucous membrane in your mouth. This has a much faster effect as if it would have to be absorbed through stomach and intestines.


Right dose.
Happygum can be taken whenever you feel like it. However you should not eat more than 9 gums (1 pack) per day.


Happygum really works
Happygum one one hand makes you to be more relaxed and on the other hand stimulates you and makes you more focused. You will feel more happy already after the first bite.
Happygum is trademark protected and was filed for patent with the WIPO . Select the trademark- or patent- database and search for "Happygum".
Happygum is ideal for everyone who wants to relax and increase mental focus.

Happygum must not be given to toddlers under 3 years of age.


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